Saturday, May 24, 2014

Martian Drive In Podcast 35- X- The Fury

For this one, I look at Roger Corman's 1963 eye-opener X- The Man With X-Ray Eyes starring Ray Milland and Don Rickles and then we smash-cut to 1978 for Brian DePalma's telekinetic kids go wild drama The Fury starring Kirk Douglas and John Cassevetes. 
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  1. Hi, Terry! Good GOLLY do I love your show, and I've been wanting to sums you voicemail for a while... But I'll have to settle for a quick comment on your blog just so I can let you know:

    This is Episode 30.

    No, seriously, man. I clicked on th' link and there it was, blast from the past, Terry taking about how "The Winter Soldier" was coming out soon and "The Phantom Of The Paradise" and pissed-off relatives... not that I didn't like that episode -I did-, but if it's not what you'd intended, then... hey, Terry, heads up.

    Okay. I promised you a voicemail and I'm gonna deliver. Only not right now, 'cause it's like two thirty in the morning. Wife's asleep. I should be, too.

    Til Soon!

  2. Um. SEND you voicemail. Not... not 'sums'. Damn tablet.

    1. I've fixed it now, Andrew. Sorry for the fuckup. If you DL it again, all will be well.

  3. Naaah, don't apologize, man. If I had a quarter for every time I screwed something up, I'd have $16.39.